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Let's bring the most out of all your social media accounts together! A unanimous decision was made at our agency regarding social media interfaces - it's important. It is important to have and it is important to use each platform according to what it is intended for. To sum up -
if it's up to us, no TikTok video will appear on your LinkedIn profile.

Our social media package is including grid planning, copywriting, content cration or graphic design. 

Healthy Fruit Juice
Handmade Soap Bars


Our professional team proved that they can bring ideas to life. Photos, videos, graphic design, gifs for socials or web - the options are endless with us.

From our content creation services you can choose from graphic design, production of images and videos and copywriting (articles, blog posts, newsletter, website contents).


The main profile of our agency is online marketing, but we do not limit ourselves to this framework. We have already worked on a billboard campaign, marketing events and on in-store sales strategy.


Our marketing services are including paid ads (Google, Meta, Instagram, Pinterest),

e-mail marketing.

Web Design
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post_new_2 2.jpg


Team up with our agency and launch your products at the right time, for the right audience. We are taking on the hard work - planning the strategy, searching for influencers, designing a unique packaging & sending out the products.

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