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Free PR - How to get it?

PR can be expensive but it is essential for brands - however, it is especially important for start-ups to receive proper attention and to be noticed. As more and more businesses grow, we can see that in almost every field, markets are quite saturated and the competition is tight.

We understand that thousands of dollars in media coverage doesn’t always fit in the budget, especially in a start-up business, so we’ve come up with some ideas to show some alternative ways to get the media’s attention.



Sometimes we tend to underestimate cooperation. Don’t miss the opportunity to build something together with others - each collaboration can double your reach, the number of social followers, and even the company’s revenue.


The importance of a blog has already been discussed in an earlier article. Since the vast majority of people are looking for something on the internet, there will definitely be someone who will come specifically to your company’s blog post during their research - it can do a really good job when your reader sends or even shares the article.

Magazine or online magazine appearances

Paid advertising is not the only way for a brand to make it in online or print magazines. This is one of the reasons why the social media platforms of a brand has to be interesting, as it is the first thing any journalist can see. If a journalist finds your company interesting or “worthy” they are more likely to ask for an interview - which means free press for you.

Marketing Agency

Of course, now we are talking about our own services as well. If a company has a contract with a marketing agency, it does not necessarily receive only their service - but also the reputation of the agency. Just to cite a very close example - our agency has a lot of connections through our management, employees and customers, so it’s quite likely that we can connect with a brand that can be very useful to your business.

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